Plays by Serena Norr

  • Sweet Sixteen
  • The Quitter, FACT Theater- NYC
  • Three Sisters Who are Not Sisters, FACT Theater Company- NYC
  • Cupcake Therapy, FACT Theater Company- NYC
  • Items to Return, Words and Wine, FACT Theater Company – NYC
  • Waiting and Wanting
  • VS, March Short Play Lab at Roy Arias Studios
  • Morning Ritual, White Plains Performing Arts Center
  • Another Stupid BBQ
  • World Traveler
  • DND
  • Just Cause
  • Zoom Like No One is Watching – Sister Shakes
  • $5 dollah, $5 dollah
  • Run for Cover – Accepted into Omaha Fringe Festival
  • Deconstructed (Full-length)
  • Baby (Full-length)
  • Blood Dawgs
  • The Dividing Demons – Monologue with Primary Stages

Dramatists Guild

Westchester Collaborative Theater

New Play Exchange